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Translated from Arabic to English using Google Translator. Click her to read the source in Arabic

*Slightly edited for readability

«Mubarak» tried to assassinate Prime Minister of Ethiopia with the crisis of the Renaissance Dam

Journalist and writer, Mohammed Hassanein Heikal talks about policy adopted by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, toward Africa, saying: «Egypt contributed to reign in support of African liberation movements, and has set up an organization of African unity», adding that Abdel Nasser was well aware of the value of Africa, therefore resorted to the establishment of good relations with Ethiopia, he said.

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The structure in statements to the «Egypt where? .. And Egypt to where?», Which displays on the TV «CBC», on Thursday, that Egypt’s relations with African countries deteriorated , starting from the era of the late President Anwar Sadat, because of his fight against communism Africa, in order to draw closer to the United States, saying: «Egypt’s cooperation with Africa in the era of Mubarak gets worse», as he put it.

The assassination attempt on Mubarak in Ethiopia, deteriorated relations between Egypt and Africa in general, and the Egyptian-Ethiopian in particular, saying: «the late Ethiopia’s prime minister earlier, Meles Zenawi assured me that Mubarak tried to avenge him because of the assassination attempt in Addis Abeba.  So Mubarak regime tried to assassinate him three times, which was confirmed to me Zenawi himself ».

He also criticized the structure of the way the former president of Mercy, with the crisis of bridging the Renaissance, which harmed the Egyptian position significantly, he said «The way Mursi treated the crisis was to broadcast the dialogue and talk about hitting the dam, all this was a major disaster », as described.

He called attention to the necessity of the state structure in African countries, particularly Ethiopia.
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