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Translated from Arabic to English using Google Translator.

Mohamed Shehata 04/11/2014

old Cisse: all these «Albulaoi» around you .. Are not regret your candidacy? He said: All the orders of God

Marshal find problems in front of him the size of this world and hereafter .. and hope the truth comes through wishful thinking or not to pray

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Radio Conference berth on the Renaissance Dam was a disaster .. and our strong relationship with Africa that no longer exist

In the second episode of the rings «Egypt where? Egypt and to where? »Continues the great writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal with media Lamis Hadidi on TV« CBC »deep analysis and reading of the major crises facing the nation, looking for a boat equipped to survive .. and to the text of the interview:

Optimism and pessimism:

■ Are the facts in front of us now and will not say «optimism or pessimism» for concern or forethought?

– Throughout our lives we did not need to revisit in our affairs just as we need now, for one reason that we are ten years walked behind dreams without discussion, and within thirty years has turned dreams into sleep, and between dreams and between sleep we entered into the maze of deep, for example, when we talk programs, I stated that any candidate does not need to detailed programs.

■ This saw considerable controversy in the fact of the matter?

– And Tkhanqgua me Khanaqat has no limits, and All of the campaigns, and I’ll tell you, and with me now projects existing programs and is dedicated to the two teams, both for Cisse or Hamdein, which is not enough, and the effort is enormous, but, in fact, without asking, thank the work of it, but I think we did not look at the realities of it, and did not look at them in the eyes and strongly, and our lives were not threatened like now, and Gabbana from the scene 40 years ago, either because of the illusion or sleep, we woke up to a shock January revolution, which lifted the lid on the realities of things, and Astholna picture, we could not characterize image badly.

Campaign Marshal Sisi, for example, and I’ll start Bhamdin, and I wish it was in different circumstances and succeed, and the stranger that he has a basis for the program is based on a program of economic alternative based on certain studies for conferences, and very strange that I attended at these conferences, and the plan of Dr. Carpenter, which studies exquisite , opened the conference and read his research, but seeing the program you need to have more of it, in the sense that the vision of the program of any candidate can not be based on the research, we need to deeper and wider, in order to talk too, but there is an election coming, and I say that any candidate eligibility and will provide a quick illuminations on some intention and what about that hit, for example, be sure that the entry of the army in the arena at the moment is not a requirement for authoritarian rule, and that showed to what is biased in social justice, and the programs are another case with other things.

■ What about the program Marshal Sisi?

– I’m in front of me, I will not go into details, and has two programs, I have found it a good intentions, may be partly good and excellent, but found that it depends on the development of areas in parts of Egypt by land, and there are no visions and perceptions and age is very dangerous to us, We do not know anything about him and did not study it before placing the program.

■ This program, which was said to be very right-wing capitalist or so?

– The second program carried out by the Commission of the best people and the motto «I am Egyptian», and given away a great effort, but I think that these circumstances require an visions of the other, and I think especially of my family, and I understand the young people who are wondering how there is no program? There are young people ready understand and last I understand the sense of emotion, because emotion is controlled by, and the third I understand it in the context of what has tempted him, and we were talking either «disease of childhood leftist» in Lenin or perceptions of Guevara, and I remember his call through «Al-Ahram» to visit Egypt, and came in The fact of the matter visited the Home.

I remember Dr. Sabir Ismail Abdullah, and his wife was from an ancient family of a girl Plato Pasha said «beautiful like a god», and anyone who saw cord injury, even after Guevara, the revolutionary calm down when faced with the facts, and I’m talking here about my relatives.


■ How not to be a candidate for the program? So how do we judge a candidate?

– Judge the candidate, especially in the circumstance crisis if he is able to cope with the crisis, and therefore I said that Field Marshal Sisi does not need to program as well as Sabahi, because I said that there are urgent problems, unnecessary confrontation, and there are problems is very important and necessary, but it is not the future, because the urgent It is possible that you have to cut the road to the term, and that is how we talk we talk about the program?

Not to be in any program in the whole world that there is a characterization of the Egyptian national security, and how to be without him and the National Security Now, for the first time since his theories of the ancient beginning of Tuthmosis and through the goodness of Saladin, through Muhammad on Gamal Abdel Nasser, fell all our perceptions of the former, was dependent that all threats coming to Egypt coming from the Orient, and because all the invaders had invaded Egypt through the gate of East except Napoleon, who came by sea, but all of the invasion and we have interests in the south vitality, but not the sources of threat, and therefore the theory of national security depends to make sure that the South quiet, where the headwaters of the Nile, as it is, and make sure that we are able to defend to the Orient, Morocco and the sea there is no problem, and these were the constants are, but now it has become disagreed and there are problems everywhere from our problems.

And we were all the time, assured that Ethiopia can not do anything in the water, because the amount of water and the speed of precipitation will sweep any projects they carry out, and the second point was the historical rights acquired in this region and agreements are old, they need to discuss and these agreements are the reports coming from the colonial powers of During England, citing Italy in Ethiopia, and then it was said that all agreements after liberation held on behalf of the colonial powers no longer exist, and we then Astadhana about it, and we do not want to touch upon this matter greatly.

When he started the era of Nasser was covered Africa from the African section of belonging through three circles, which we talked about, and we have established the Organization of African Unity. We have to strengthen the liberation movements of Africa, and there has been more or less relationships allow for dialogue revolves gently, then we have, for reasons I do not understand, I have, and I was one of those who warned of it, and I am ashamed and I say this, did not stand since the folly of cooperation with the Americans to eliminate system Communist. Advised and I stopped here not for communism, because you have interests with Ethiopia not Amkmen indispensable, and can not use military force to protect it, and we do not have only good relations judgment in so we In experience the myths of America’s relations resisted communism in favor of the United States in Africa and we caused in wars.

■ In the era of Mubarak, things have deteriorated even more?

– Mud increased to injury in the era of Mubarak, because of the assassination attempt there, I have seen from Zenawi and he was sick, which handles in Italy at the time and I was in Alosancir, and Before The Dawnen Meet one of them and He stared at me and I think it seemed Ethiopia, and when we got to the one-storey asked me Are you Mister structure? I replied yes. Li said that Zenawi addresses here because he is sick, and I do not know it, and asked me Would you mind for an interview? I said of course not, and they called me two days later to set a date, and they wanted to have the meeting on the terrace next to the living room, and he came along with one of his aides, and began to complain that we created, including an attempt to assassinate him three times in the Mubarak era through the plans, Mr. Omar Suleiman, and this is dangerous.

■ Is this real?

– I do not want to go into these details, but the problem I’ve investigated it, and I am in shame to say it that after the attempted assassination of former President Mubarak, who survived in Addis Ababa, we put the blame entirely on Zenawi, Li said: God does not know about them something, they are Mujahideen Mdharon Islamists and Ethiopia. And regret for the assassination attempt on our land, but the problem is that some of them have promised President Mubarak to take revenge and behaving Ethiopia, and there were three assassination attempts PERSONAL Lee, and the fact we have built a state of hostility is not understandable, came the disaster in the era of Anchorage when broadcast minutes on the air for the assassination, beatings and raids, and the words insane, and what more Odhaana in Africa that Ethiopians have printed this tape about 100 copies, and at least distributed not only on the African presidents, but all parliaments.

■ but we changed the system?

– True Sorry but we are still practicing the same mind to now, but we can not access, and must speak on the subject.And Let me singled out for this space at a later time, but we’re talking now about the programs when we say that the dam Ethiopian can not be touched, because we have strong ties with Africa, this is not true, no longer exist, and we have agreements need to discuss, and we have the vision remained constant for irrigation engineers, that the speed of falling water to prevent the establishment of projects, and we forget that the technology has changed from the era, and nothing happened five years ago, which is not impossible that our perceptions of yesterday now becomes real, what happened?There Engineers said the risk of precipitation would be dangerous if we tried to close it on once in the dam Renaissance In particular, we look at the dam front, and forget that he has 6 other obstacles, each obstacle reduces the risk even for instant access to bridge the Renaissance, miss the water to ensure the generation of electricity .

Almighty talking candidates in special programs for agriculture, industry and agriculture, where the whole speech without water? And prompt parents can not be anticipated, for example, the Suez Canal, which rely upon and there are alternative channel of the Red Sea to come two years later what do we do? Leverage on the White Nile and the Blue Nile is not in Tanzania, and the next and around Victoria, Kenya, Uganda and Congo, we say that the Lake Victoria can not lift them because Almnsupac and means of lifting differed. What if overpowered them and there are new agricultural projects list now, although they may not be those in need, but they do.

■ What does this mean?

– Simply put, we have an urgent issue can not be continued to establish agricultural programs unless we were sure of understanding, and if the concept of national security has changed and become all limits by threats enough Sinai and Libya on the south and the Suez Canal, the new, and the threat was limited to Middle and the era of development and programs «The .. especially» ended.

■ What is required and the form of visions and how?

– I think that what we need him to come up to me one program to what is urgent and imminent, and the first of them security and Ole and operation of the existing idle capacity and energy problem, and we want long-term programs in a different way.

■ Did you mean that these programs programs, government parties are not heads of programs?

– I want to say something, what I see in the program’s second Mushir al-Sisi, one of whom said he sees the project Abdel Nasser and Sadat project, and they want a new project we have to forget all the previous projects. We do not need to draft a candidate, but we need to project a homeland, a project for the benefit of the nation, and it meets the consensus of the nation, then it competes Ayham competitors are better able to achieve.

Urgent and imminent:

■ Professor structure before we move to the imminent and urgent Nations how to make their programs?

– I want to say that no candidate consistently offers his own program, but usually each candidate is ahead of his party’s platform, and says he is best able to implement its program of party, and the candidate I have chosen for implementation within the party of progress and implementation of the Trust me on his program.

■ Obama said in the last campaign said «yes we can»?

– Is intended on the program of the party and the era also, and exalted talking about a time of crisis Nations manufactures and we sometimes invent unnecessary or redundant, United made what must be manufactured with courage .. someone like Sisi until the last three months the policy were not on the table in front of him, he is pursuing what can be watched by any citizen, he is interested in certain things as director of military intelligence, claimed the Council of Ministers to see problems if he wanted to come program will come to people that put him.

Hamdeen, for example, when he wants to develop a program that has been inducing intellectuals and others to put it, and is in the end, but when we come and look at the circumstances of the times what made America? Volunteered some people and America are all looking for a new era and a different era, and think that Eisenhower is not capable of performing it,’s family came and I think here that there is a question of American capitalism and European, made things exquisite to their homelands, and ruined settlements, we’re talking about, it is necessary to appreciate what made the Government of India’s colonial and ruined India, but at the same time how it is raised the original homeland and how American capitalism brought prosperity to their homelands, and why did the family such as the Rockefeller family, which made things criminal in Venezuela, but how have served their home here, there is an important issue and, unfortunately, here capitalism passed on us.

■ But there is a national capitalism after the war and Abboud Pasha?

– But American and European colonies absorbed all the best and put it in the service of their own home, while we and others found the resources lost, and I do not know that people are talking about programs in the conditions of crisis and the problems we face with great regret.


■ permission is required from the new president to collect brains for this?

– I want to say something and I said early on, and what sparked the debate you asked that I am on the program and I do not write as well as it does not require both candidates to the program, we need to something else to look at the problems and issues and tasks, and then you write a program for Egypt and not for Cisse or Sabahi.

■ But Marshal Sisi limited political experience and the experience of the production output of a program or vision?

– I want to say that each of us has the public perceptions, for example Azari aligned to those in the framework of social justice, and Anhyazak Democratic Liberties and Anhyazak Where? How Ttfhmin young? Each of us can put his vision and feelings and hopes, but simply can not put the programs.

■ but people are expected to solve the problems of education, health and bridges?

– These things are not solved by software, but things resolved by Elan. Collection of operational tools if I said a program for the future of Egypt and the water is threatened, we are talking about senior services only, we are in trouble permission.

■ these visions and ideas must be differentiated by the President also reported between urgent and imminent?

– First, talking about his eligibility for the Advancement of responsibility, and to provide a vision of what a quick imagined ability to abide by it at this moment. This has been suggested, and the view was that I put the program people from different disciplines. Today I say immediately after the elections, I think we’re the most important tasks of the next president whatever and wherever it was necessary to arrange for Real Conference for the future and national security.Egypt, despite all what Egypt witnessed from scraping the great migration, what we did mind the Egyptian catastrophic, flatness, who was present, the same type of people, can not act one in it. True migrant brains is not possible to return, but could have come in the framework of advisory, we need to contact abroad. Khedive Ismail and Mohammed Ali Astaana foreign experts.

■ do not see nothing wrong in that we use even foreigners?

– I want to say something, I want to Egyptians abroad, and I will talk also about the community of learners who are capable of about one million I can not find them on the face of uncertainty there is readiness to about 5000 on the face of uncertainty, if found about 5 or 6 in the conference and the only one I want someone to national security, Because the definition of national security is no longer possible on the old-fashioned way, is no longer possible tirades or talk about so-called traditional role we’re talking about, we know what happened in the Arab world. We need to correct the Arab world, there is a need, but we need to characterize. The past we have adopted in the Arab world to invite people and the Arab League, construction and mobilizing peoples speech move lower, Suez was not possible to be carried out of the Suez Canal in the framework of a unified Arab, secured and fought, but al-Faisal is to cut the lines of oil coming from Iraq to the Mediterranean fell to the pound sterling.

■ someone permission to national security?

– I want a conference politically affect national security and the problems of industrialization, agricultural land by the problem, a phenomenon, Enough vegetable prices high.

■ This economic conference?

– Not just, and I see a scene stranger in front of me, there are houses happen to her removal, because they encroachments, but what happened in the period of the fall of the standards and laws infect people on agricultural land more than it has been reclaimed, Valhaddikh back to Cairo from fruit and agriculture shrunk much and food commodities I said in Cairo , and leveling the ground I want an economic conference together socially, and politically, and a third might be thinking at a conference for young people.

I want once again to benefit from the experiences of Nations, and repeat what works and benefit us all, I want the minds of Egypt at home and abroad to establish a program to see Egypt fully integrated.

Political back:

■ Is this what the president should do upon arrival to the presidency, is to hold these conferences?

– These conferences are made of a program, can be here to talk about the program, and can not be accepted.

■ Are you looking here for President Dahir Fikri?

– Intellectual and practical back .. I do not want the atmosphere of the Academy, but the owners of experiments in money and the economy, industry and agriculture.

■ Is the president needs to back political here?

– Divisional between two things, Vanguard, which can illuminate the front of the road, whether in Egypt or abroad in order to give him a program, but at the same time needs to back political, clustered behind him all political forces after the elections, and I’m ready to say that if he is elected Sisi will not be his party, and will not be behind this.

■ Do I need to Sisi party behind him?

– I can not imagine that the country is ready for another party, I do not think people also stand alone.

■ It is on the verge of the parliamentary elections, and what could be his back?

– This is good .. we do not start from the air, there is a constitution, and Naqsty some things, and the sequel will be a conference through the completion of the land surrounding cried, and then talk about the frequenting of this earth, we say back political and national front in a time of crisis.

■ But the time has not inappropriately, and he needs to act quickly?

– Will work on the program in urgent demand in the crisis.

The beginning of priorities:

■ But to have the language of privacy or intellectual institutions in Western?

– On the issues of exploitable divisional between them and the flames, which could happen at a certain moment.

■ So security is the most important?

– Security first thing.

■ The second?

– How energy trying to run energies and exploitation, and I’m in the big energy crisis, and we have a 5000 factory inactivated how we talk about new plants, and we have a crisis like this, there are investments disabled list, how the industrial world inflicted? In 66 we equate South Korea has Ntaktaha and lost everything and lost everything because of the setback, and we got stuck somewhat, and then we came back and then we changed every track Why did Korea?Did not start from the unknown continued and touched part technological, and entered on electronics, I want to tell me the experts where to begin, I do not want that disclosing a secret one boards of directors of Japanese companies said we stole from Europe and China from the United States, and then came Korea and stolen from us Nhan.. What are you waiting for? Look for one of them and take them and take knowledge? We are talking about manufacturing and the need to see it, not only the hope, but any manufacturing and what do we do? What are the steps? We do not want words, outside of the times, unfortunately, we prevailed in our culture rubbishing everything, does not discuss a one Guli what you want them say this old man, and let him say what he says, and others say it burbles and Amnauh, in order to reach in the end to something.

■ people experience or confidence?

– Presidential candidates until this moment have no political hinterland clear, for example, Field Marshal Sisi has no party, and the party Sabahi and dignity weak, not strong or influential How to choose the crew.

In times of crisis all over the world are constantly in crisis summon all of you will find it a civil action in these circumstances, all the governments in these times stronger than Astjlapt has, for example, Field Marshal Sisi has no political hinterland where creates hinterland? -Back types, and to some extent today’s audiences saw in front of her man able to do things, but under experiment in practical experience, and we must take his chance in full, but I want to say something to create the masses is its ability to respond to the challenges posed in front of him and in front of them, and the first of his public and his choice to his aides and determined its functions.

I believe that these three elements can create a strong political hinterland, and when it appeared Abdel Nasser or other Guli what Chaúan began with particular sounds, and the prospects that they will succeed in mobilizing armies in their ability to respond.

■ If we Abdel Nasser, for example, when the deployment of proven ability of acres?

– Took time he came without a program, and some people lie and say that Abdel Nasser put six points before the revolution, this is not true, which is placed in August after the revolution two months not only agrarian reform was in his mind what had existed before the revolution, such as lifting titles, etc., I think that the popularity of Nasser strengthened after the select national dimension, and ended up nationalizing the Suez in the first half 56 and second half.

■ Sadat, for example, his popularity did not begin until 73?

– President Sadat’s popularity and legitimacy are all founded on October 6, and then after that occurred problems not of his guilt or workmanship, but do not want to Table in detail now, and take time to another, and in the time I sit down and ask the Egyptians that Asamehohna in what they faced each courage, and know that we are all to blame, and the idea of ​​the illusion of peace, which we have taken no Abdel Nasser only, and I remember that «Today’s News» at the time I wrote one against Egypt, and I oppose and myself as if I were one voice in the wilderness.

Do you sometimes blame yourself for things?

– I blame myself on other things, but my opposition this issue myself do not blame them, and when they ask me what I am proud, I am proud of many things in my life, including this attitude, which I took, and I think I’m right, and people are all against me.

■ go back to how to choose the President of his crew, who performs his vision?

– Any president we are in discussion artificially between the so-called people of expertise and people trust each political party and each head of the US president has the right to choose four thousand employees from outside the framework of the people of confidence, both in his campaign or ambassadors in London, for example, an embassy in the country of the European More importantly, Paris political appointments who have supported the president and give him the money in his campaign.

■ and have nothing to do exceedingly bureaucratic?

– Career and do not use the word bureaucratic him his field, but when we talk like Sisi need not let’s talk about Abdel Nasser and then you say, based on their experience, and he does not know and needs time to trust them, but any political system Sarkozah assisted by men and women of knowledge and Margaret Thatcher .

■ But Abdel Nasser since he resorted to the people who trust them they were all from the armed forces?

– This is not true, and let’s talk to take responsibility for the project Gamal Abdel Nassar you will find Dr. Dr. Mahmoud Fawzi excelled in the car of Foreign Affairs Abdel Moneim Agayoosny, and Jertly in the economy, and Mustafa Khalil in transportation, Moussa Arafat in the construction of the High Dam all we need is just to remember These campaigns have created something ongoing project risk Abdel Nasser primarily relied on civilians, and there were military personnel.

■ everywhere?

– The moment you you were not present.

■ true but I read …

– Let me complete Mahmoud Younis, he has a big project in the Suez Canal and was in front of challenges, and when I talk to do not distinguish between civilian and military in this way, but Sedky Solomon’s High Dam military and speech here its source that some of the military who do not want them to go to embassies and this is permissible in the circumstances of this type and there may be significant errors committed no problem in this.

■ permission Marshal Sisi?

– Sisi has no party owes him something, coming from the armed forces in the next presidency will be judged, for example, since the choice of his staff.

■ But the choices are not wide? Because there Tgerava high?

– Not this is true, there is a leveling high, and I think that any head of them, whether Sabahi or Marshal Sisi will come a group of people who know the different things and get to know them at the stage of the experiment, and I think that people are participating in the investigation and write a program development will be takers in any government formed by Hamdeen, and ready I would imagine that some military personnel will be present in the crew Sisi This makes sense.

■ But this is annoying for some, especially young people?

– I want to say something that stops may ask each candidate that understands the issues of young people and give them room, for example, if we said Sabahi came to power, it means that he will use a number of youth popular trend, and they are present in some centers if our perception Marshal Sisi will be assisted by youth «revolt» because the candidates have the issue of young people and youth in front of them from the elements available and must arrange ourselves and we have to understand, I suggest that there must be appreciation and study, and he has to put his trust with the people of what is known.

I remember when I disagreed with President Sadat has appointed me as his adviser called me Abdel Fattah Ibrahim, Minister of State, said: dedicated to you five rooms in the Abdeen if you want assigned to you from the «Al-Ahram» what you want from the secretarial and other, I told him: I will not go originally not tire yourself But no one will go and I, for example, the Ministries of Information and Foreign Office staff enlisted Osama El-Baz, and the return of King Abdullah, and Abdul Wahab Elmessiri, and Jamil Matar, this is natural.

■ these kit they have confidence of statures?

– Do not allow your bound to each person to deal with who knows, nor Taatsoury opposite.

■ But we have a problem with people of faith in the days Anchorage, for example, they trust the people of the Muslim Brotherhood and this was a disaster from the Guidance Office and «Freedom and Justice»?

– I do not want to defend them, but at this time have hired some experts.

■ There was no one?

– There were some names that I do not want the names of the highest one so as not displeased, but we can say that in the ministries, which came after it was found and in the sites.

■ one or two people and ended up?

– OK on this, but we have to understand that the Muslim Brotherhood have a well-established doctrine and comprehensive and is willing to grab, so I would not leave the position, and this is true, but I want to put two things. True they mobilized people who do not deserve jobs, it is true that they have a strong desire to grab, and these are not the people of confidence as much as they are the people and the seizure of the project almost «people of conspiracy».

■ I think they will will help them football coaches from the Muslim Brotherhood to guarantee their goals?

– Possible.

■ Our main problem in choosing the crew president?

– The number one all incoming president must not imagine that the people have with him some confidence, and the second thing is not Sisi when he was in the ministry mingled and watched some of them, and is necessary to have put some of them in his mind.

Is it not possible and is likely to be Held has put in his mind some of the characters, and Hazem Beblawy Wenta me something important that he discovered the power of the state apparatus, a negative force and I told him how? Is a very strong prevents the state from falling and prevents them at the same time of advancement, and therefore the state apparatus, and carry a big responsibility and exists in the body mattresses functional, which holds all contacts, above this there will be a political management, some of whom we know well and others Ntosm them they appreciate , and any person who is a team work, but there is no distinction between the people of confidence and their experience, and I’m ready to say that this slogan erroneously put intentionally to attack the experience of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the accusation and suggest that of carried out by the military this is not real, whole experience who did it and carry responsibility of civilians, and I say it in the sense of the word.

■ There is no problem in the military than qualified?

– Exactly like gazed Younis Mahmoud, has happened that some of the officers were sent to the embassies of the Liberal and this happened.

■ Are the functions of the president of the urgent reform of the institutions, and whether this contributes to the thought out of them?

– Reform of institutions is part of the program, I’m afraid to say that in order and I’m talking about Abdel Nasser, for example, the government body which describes Beblawy that prevents the fall of the state and prevent the advancement of society because it rigidly This is a big problem you need to program to address, even Abdel Nasser when he came and witnessed this why making? The government body at the time was less than a half million but today reached 6 million, and thus the transition legendary, and then said that this device the government will not be able to fulfill what I think it is required, skip the government body established something called the Supreme Council for the services and top production, and came Husain Pasha Fahmy Minister Finance before the revolution, and assigned him «Top of production» to take over the implementation of the projects pending and required of people, even from before the revolution Vanity Khrjty outside the developmental role of the state and Oattah body concerned, then, Dr. Mohamed Jalal, and I think it played a major role and took over the social terms through «Top Services »and established 500 units are grouped in five years, the school where the school service and health care in the so-called bundled units, and thus passed the government body in some way.

■ Do you propose to Field Marshal Sisi or the next candidate to exceed this device?

– I want to say to him that, and I imagine I suggest that it differentiates between urgent and important. The first urgent raided must be addressed by team work and has the power to do the work.

■ Here cabinet by the problem because the Constitution speaks of consultation between the president and the majority coalition, and form a government on the basis of this and then how to choose?

I do not know who will be the majority party, but here I’d say we are in a transitional phase we did everything slowly and in a hurry, and we take a lot of time to think and then we left little room for Vtkir after that, and in the last three days we acted quickly, including making that there are a lot of gaps and errors did not work and I hope we our problem here is the lack of system «Astm» and lack of understanding and the spirit of the system, we have a gap we do not know who is the majority party, and did not even know the electoral system individually or lists, and I imagine that there is a big problem and do not know who would choose any form, but from possible consultation with prominent figures in the parliament, but in the end, the next president in the conditions of crisis and if so requested in his first speech that the people stand with him and characterization of the limits and specifications and to stand with him too will be found on how to behave in this moment and find a substitute for the party and the pro and supporters and fans and the strength and team work forces until it is resolved and the creation of conferences and clear in front of you through the tasks of a future crisis, Vallhzh the current crisis is the functions of the program and the next program is the homeland, and we should not be talking in the long term and we have the tasks of crisis.

Institutional reform:

■ reform of institutions may be required to be done?

– Pregnancy bureaucratic firm, and remember that the communities of the river usually arise where bureaucracies calcified If Hity claimed for a cultural revolution such as those advocated by China if time allows and if the circumstances of the region to allow this, many of the obstacles hindering doing this I have seen the Emperor Qin in his last days, and he sees that the administration Taatkls over contracts and must occur by revolution drop of each period, nor do Tsttaan cultural revolution in a time when the state.

The Cultural Revolution brought about significant changes, although there have been some excesses and I think it gave great power to renew China’s why I say that because when we are talking about reforming institutions will enter in deep trouble, but anyway this is part of the programs.

■ What are the main institutions that must be thought about repair?

– I think the most important thing in front of the next president that this country has two problems: first, that the whole country infected condition slipped disc, and there is no institution existed in its place .. Each paragraph of the paragraphs out of place, and I think that the most important thing and there is no institution in the state are turn natural I’ll start with the media, and I think that society live between two things, the world of judicial day and another satellite at night, the daytime trials and deportations and trials, demonstrations and provisions, and I saw one of them was sentenced to 500 people at once to death .. What is this and trim upper and discussed a judiciary, and I told him what this ? And how it happened? When we talk and say we attach insulting the judiciary.

■ immediate communication?

– And I discuss it, he says to me: «Our son this -iksd Alkady- I can understand what is reached is found evidence without debate on the existence of a heinous crime, but he found the crime are common either acquitted on everyone and either be judged by condemning everyone, and he saw it in terms of moral govern condemning everyone know that there is another stage in the litigation, and I told him I do not know if this was in the enthusiasm, but I say here that day and the morning of the judiciary.

■ But the judiciary does not accept that the approaching structures repair and felt that it fit himself?

– And the media does not accept.

■ does not accept?

– In any case, I said one day live divided between judicial atmosphere during the day and at night other media, the difference between them that all the people in the state exists on the screens in the evening.

■ This is because the vacuum of the absence of institutions such as parliament and policy actors and censorship?

– Is it possible to find everyone in the media channels are made to replace the ministry, parliament and public opinion .. I want to be his representative in accounting, but not unreasonable.

■ do not have to return to their places until we come back, too?

– Security establishment needs to go back to their place, I do not know how it will happen but all the institutions in the last period has been in steady state in the era of Mubarak and then vacuum and chaos after the January revolution all institutions are not only the entire government strayed from its function, the whole country «Winding» not strong enough to walk, Faalanzlaq one to one paragraph cause problems, let alone that every paragraph in the state moving from place how the situation will be?

This Prime poor in fact, he is on the verge of a society saturated Bafattn: sedition angry youth, and factional demonstrations, and every team in the community demanding the rights of universities burning, and Aswan has a charm until football Alawlands has a problem with the «internal»? What will he do?

■ Is this our destiny and we are on the right path?

– Is not a requirement that this would be the determination, but we have to remember the House of Poetry says: the faithful saw the bridge is on the path does not it, and I think here we are facing the most difficult of it actually, have you can go to a future center of gliding any future some kind of cross-conditions in extremely bad, and I think that the first thing the new president, a Sieich too many problems, and I have not seen since the period of Field Marshal Sisi, but I met him the day before yesterday and I told him when I saw all these Albulaoi around you not regret that you nominate yourself? Mviaderh said before, and he thinks that everything is order of God, and thinks it is, and people will appreciate this? Real and I told him I wish you luck, and my heart with you I do not wish to be your place or be within advisors .. I want to follow eagerly, and the next concern, and I think he would find the size of the problems in front of the world and the hereafter.

■ What advice can you give him?

– The most important task is to restore hope, and we’re talking about Obama came after a successor to Bush, and, though I think that Obama is a failed experiment as a whole.

■ But the beginning was their hope?

– Yes, in the beginning «yes we can», a slogan that used when he came to power, and I think that the next president, whether Sisi or Sabahi or will run is still the door to run, open that makes this slogan «Yes we can» our pessimism Thought , but our optimism .. will not hide anything from me do not fool me hopes mellifluous, and there is a difference between being a friendly dream or goal of dreams differs from the target, and the problem of the Arab mind that my address is nomad dreams, but care about the goal, and we get caught up dreams and get caught by the terms of starch.

I want goals with respect to the dreams possible in this difficult moment, and they are subject to investigation and possible the will of the people .. we need a message, we can not hide the problems and do not fool me graduate dreams.

Outside playing on the contradictions .. and the Embassy of the Netherlands issued a dictionary of the language of the Nubian which is worrying

Aswan crisis:

■ What urgent permission?

– The first thing Security, do not tell me that there are countries looking for the future without security, and we saw what happened in Aswan and the university.

■ We need to stand at Aswan .. Why change Oqlqk Are there people there?

– There are too many things have changed, and we must make a distinction here, we’re talking between flash and others, there are many things have changed, the construction of the Aswan Dam first and then the High Dam, there destabilize got there for the bout, and there are projects to contain the Nuba, and this is good, and there are contradictions too, There are those who play on these contradictions, I see that one, embassies today drove the Nubian language dictionary, and this is a strange thing.

■ What the embassy?

– Embassy of the Netherlands Dutch scientific center.

■ Do you have left here for a conspiracy theory?

– Let me complete this is urgent, and here we are in a problem worthy of study and accumulate elements, and you need to program, but it happened that there is some kind of prosperity Tourism covers the contradictions, there are some cases where the prosperity as a solvency stands and covered these problems, but the problem now we are talking crisis Aswan must look for immediate and delayed, The people of the Nuba do not deny they have problems, you need to consider, but soon here that tourism stood up and the country have been frozen for three years, he had a savings ended, and was looking for work and are absorbed in the past is no longer This is now possible, and the provinces bordering on the shores of the Red Sea was also accommodate large numbers of young people, and now with the decline in tourism did not find young people act, there has been an element of tension urgent, and thus the next president has a responsibility to urgent programs will be written, and here the importance of the distinction between urgent and necessary, Bagel and attention does not mean that whatever is not necessary.


■ If we talked about the crisis in Aswan and we refer to it, do you see here that the plot reinforce the idea of ​​separation, and that there are those who play on this and take advantage of these crises?

– First, we must recognize that and remember that many tried to play on the Muslim and Coptic and Sinai, which is a big problem, and did not care about her and do not history, and did not understand and did not know what happened, and in any case do not want to drink it now, there are problems sleeping and very serious and exploitable , including the Nuba, for example, years ago we heard about the Nubian literature, and there has been excellence in literature.

■ Nubian singing and poetry?

– This is good and all of us on our heads, like singing and folklore Fayoum governorate, and this variation, it may be in the Nubian what deserves attention and respect in the national framework, including the diversity of religious and cultural.

■ when he spoke Marshal Sisi candidacy in a speech that he can not do this alone, but needs to be criticized by some people with him, such as Hamdeen and how to help people and what goal?

– I’m ready Forewarned Hamdein in any possible words to say, and I want to say that Marshal Sisi has a certain strength arising from certain experience where he saw people and is able to break into a particular problem has a big challenge given how hope? We have demonstrated the will, but how are given hope and I believe that hope is given by the truth, and not by anything else, not through wishful thinking or supplication, and I see that the first tasks to be given the country an image for the truth and a picture of the potential in the hope that check.

But there is a problem when people, is that the young people for their patience ran out more than likely, and their patience was tested, and the second thing they have lost confidence in one way or another and we, for example, talking about young people, there is a kind of nihilism became the present scare me too, I am no longer keen on something, I do not have I lose, and the ideas of the left-wing and anarchist childhood, and have existed in Europe in the sixties, Look, all as a result of that people for many years no longer find a way, as if the roads were blocked to the future and how it can be called motivating people? In my opinion, if it is possible, for example, felt the truth, after 67 of the country were all in the case of horror and I personally, can not imagine how the picture? When people applauded speech Abdel Nasser on July 23 when he said «Yes We beat».

■ But in 67 people were united around the icon and the nation?

– I want to say that people are still united around the idea of ​​revolution, it is true that we are facing a crisis, but we forget that there has been a revolution on the situation on Jan. 25, there has been a revolution glorious and very great in this country, some felt in the Muslim Brotherhood alternative, and the fact that they are the length of time posed as an alternative, even if it’s an illusion, and that no longer exists now, and the problem is now between them and the people, people no longer accept them, and if the bridge can not express it, and that the political alternatives are no longer sufficient and is able, and if the Muslim Brotherhood who Some might imagine that they can, proved to be between them and the people break very large, today beating people, destroying facilities, and blowing up electricity pylons, the violence in the universities and the issue of the university, I find it selected spot, a spot of enlightenment.

The patience of people:

■ If the patience of the people here, how much size? And how to be an opportunity?

– The Almighty say Mahlab, and I do not know, came to the past and visited me in Briqash and thank him for this .. than four years and his reputation, a man executive good, and with notes on it when I listened to him, because he is holding consultations in the «Arab Contractors» not Arhany this .

■ First consultations?

– To now hold consultations with the «Arab Contractors» I reject completely, and I’m not convinced of it, and he has to hold consultations, either in the office or anywhere else official away from the «Arab Contractors» I am not enthusiastic about his presence in all these places so quickly, otherwise it will be consumed quickly, and I am not prepared to accept the right consumption of man in this way and I’m afraid that consumes itself, it has been suggested: Leave Aswan failure «comfortable on people» and kissed him said on Beblawy hands trembling, all this consumption to humans, they have a hobby to kill Altaran and wrestling with it, we have hobby «kill men».

■ How can prolong the patience of the people and restore the cohesion again?

– To feel that there is hope and they are facing the facts, and that the objectives replace dreams, what is required of me?Be patient and tell me, because we will do well to get to so-and-so, do not tell me patient, without explanation, we have a president faced with ambiguous relations with the whole world.

■ How much should this be an opportunity? And when we begin to judge him?

– Usually after 100 days.

■ very few ..

– Real but the first entry on him in the presidency and is accompanied by the impression that there will be those that are able to be with him to help him create a stronger reaction in the face of crises. Secondly, how to be a speech? And how it will address the people? Is the language of hope or specific tasks? Are these tasks are divided parity with people? It will bear the burden? Who can?

Security burden will remain sad it is to blame?

Ir traditional solutions:

■ Do I need to unconventional creative solutions like the idea of ​​the sixties, the idea of ​​a bypass bureaucracy, something parallel otherwise be falling in the depth of the deep state?

– Hey We wish deep, but shallow.

■ like quicksand?

– Where people dive, but the times, even if I disagreed use solutions Abdel Nasser of the Council of production and services for the last day there compensates for this, how can communication technology era? How can Tozvy a private sector is another important and exists, but does not Nstglh, I want him to win and achieve a profit, but not so be disposed, and how it can run public sector and I believe that long term projects can not be carried out unless the public

Source: Tahrirnews

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