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National palace to open doors for visitors

The Ethiopian government has decided to turn the residential house of Ethiopian presidents, the National Jubilee Palace, into a museum and move the Jubilee Palace to Prince Mekonnen compound located in Sidist Kilo locality. 

New buildings will be built in the Prince Mekonnen compound. The designs of the new buildings are completed and the construction contract is awarded to a contactor, Zamra Construction. The timeless building will be rehabilitated without making changes to its original architectural beauty. New buildings with similar architectural design of the old building will be built in the ancient premise.

The new building will house a living room, different offices and residential houses. The design of the buildings were conducted by Ultimate Consultants while the construction work is awarded to Zamra Construction. Zamra Construction who won the bid will construct the new buildings and rehabilitate the ancient Prince Mekonnen building. 

Sources told The Reporter that Zamra took over the construction site recently. According to sources, the total cost of the construction is estimated at 170 million birr.

The Prince Mekonnen building was built by the Imperial family. Sources said the building’s architectural design is modern adding that it is convenient to house the National Palace.  The Ministry of Capacity Building was housed in the old building for many years. After the Ministry of Capacity Building was replaced by the Ministry of Civil Service it moved to a private building around Wello Sefer locality. 

Palace Administration head Gebretsadik Gebremikael told The Reporter that the government has decided to transform the National Jubilee Palace, Emperor Menelik II Palace, Emperor Yohannes IV palace found in Mekele town and the Emperor Haileselassie I palace in Dire Dawa town into museums. Gebretsadik said the palaces will be open for the public and at the same time government work will be executed in the offices.

Gebretsadik said the residence and offices of the president will be moved to the Prince Mekonnen building adding that the Jubilee Palace will be open for visitors. 

Built in 1955 by Emperor Haileselassie I to commemorate the silver jubilee of the crown, the National Jubilee Palace is located between Ghion Hotel and the Filweha (Hot spring) Administration. Sources said the National Jubilee Palace will be integrated with these two institutions with the view of providing the public with impeccable recreation service. According to sources, an idea is conceived to incorporate the National Palace, Finefine Hotel, Ghion Hotel and a vast idle land behind the palace and form a museum and a spacious park.

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