IOM Aids 125 Ethiopians to Return from Tanzania and Yemen

Ethiopia – IOM offices in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Yemen this week helped 125 Ethiopians – many of them unaccompanied minors – to return home from Tanzania and Yemen. The 54 returnees from Tanzania, who included six unaccompanied minors, were detained by the Tanzanian authorities while trying to reach South Africa and spent over four months […]

FIFA: Many years have passed since Ethiopia last once won the Africa Cup of Nations

Many years have passed since Ethiopia last once won the Africa Cup of Nations. The FIFA Weekly explores the history of a nation that has had to fight hard to establish its footballing identity The roots of Ethiopian club Saint George can be traced back to the era of colonial rule, when the entire African continent was filled with the […]

US confirms Ethiopian C-130E Hercules donation [Defense Web]

Defense Web United States embassy officials in Addis Ababa have confirmed that the Ethiopian government has received a single Lockheed C-130E Hercules transport aircraft from the United States for tactical airlift of troops and equipment to support Ethiopian participation in AU and UN peacekeeping operations. The aircraft was previously operated by the Puerto Rico National […]

Ermias Amelga Returns to Addis Abeba

Addis Fortune Ermias T. Amelga, Ethiopia`s self exiled real estate mogul, has made a dramatic return to Addis Abeba this week, people close to him disclosed to Fortune. The embattled businessman, who has now...

A cream that removes tattoos has been invented

Independent A Canadian student has developed a new method of tattoo removal that could save people a good deal of pain and expense, allowing them to get rid of regrettable tats by simply rubbing cream into...

15 Ethiopian and Amharic tattoos

     Just for fun: Tattoo artist killed by unhappy customer :) A cream that removes tattoos has been invented Receive Ethiopian News and Videos by email. Sign up for Email alerts ትኩስ...