Fidel Coloring and Activity Book

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This book was created as a supplementary learning tools for Ge'ez alphabet. It is a coloring book for very young children that are just starting to learn Ge'ez letters (Fidel).

Additionally, we added several pages with activity worksheet to support letter learning. As a bonus, there are several pages with cultural artifact in order to make the coloring book more fun and engaging for children.

This coloring book can be used for both Tigrinya and Amharic language learner and it contains common letters which are applicable to each language.

The 8.5 by 11 inch page with large picture format makes the book perfect for little hands.The perfect combination of letters, cultural artifacts such as Mesob, Agelg'l, Jebena, Kebero etc would sure to please the young aged children, keep them entertained and be busy for hours while coloring and gathering basic concepts of Ge'ez alphabet (Fidel). See example of colored pages and check out the attached images.

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